Private Tour: Udawalawe National Park Safari

For those who look for sights of lots of elephants, a safari in the. Udawalawe National Park will never make you disappointed. The park is renowned as location that promises you sights of majestic elephants throughout the year.


  • Safari on 4x4 Safari Jeep (Maximum of 6 Passengers per jeep)
  • Entrance Tickets (issued by the Department of Wildlife Conservation)
  • Experienced Driver (Also your tracker)
  • All taxes and service charges.
  • Water
  • Free Pickup/Drop off from/to any location within the radius of 5 KM from the Park Gate.


  • Pickup/Dropoff from/to any location not within a 5 KM radius of the Park Gate. (Upon request)

Important Info:

Once you meet us at the car park to get on your jeep, you driver will conduct the tour in the best routes for animal spotting on the day while also sharing valuable information on the animals you see


We will start the Jeep tour from the main entrance of the Park near the car park. If you are staying in a hotel that is within a 5 KM radius of the park entrance, you would be entitled to a complimentary pickup from your hotel.

Once we go through the standard process of entry into the park, we will venture into the untamed wild of Udawalawe which is a famous home to the majestic Sri Lankan Elephants.

We will first journey into the savanna grasslands of the park in the hopes of seeing elephants, foxes, deers, water buffalos, hares, mongooses, bandicoots while also keeping an eye out for crocodiles in the wetland areas and also birds such as the Sea Eagle, the Fishing Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Crested Serpent Eagle, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Spur Fowl, Green Pigeon, Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Spot-billed Pelican, Little Cormorant, Green Bee-eater, Crested Tree Swift in and among the trees.

Soon we will make our way to the banks of the stunning Udawalawe Reservoir with huge mountains in the backdrop. You will get to see groups of crocodiles resting in the banks or swimming about the lakes, vibrant birds of prey going fishing and also many other birds and animals including herds of elephants visiting to quench their thirst and take a rest.

Your tour will finish it at the entrance of the park, unless you stay in a hotel within a 5km radius of Udawalawe National Park’s entrance. In that case you will receive a complimentary drop off right to your hotel completing your safari.